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We curate spaces for women of color to connect and adopt healthier lifestyles.

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I am the founder and health and wellness coach at Shades of Wellness (SoW), a one-stop shop for women of color to improve their overall health. 

At SoW, we are committed to providing health and wellness services that coach, educate, provide resources, and rebuild the patient-to-physician relationship. We unite women to openly discuss issues often swept under the table, and we empower them to take charge of their health, despite the existing barriers to a longer lifespan. Ultimately, we seek to help women adopt healthier lifestyles.




Our mission is to improve health disparities and health equity in women of color. We do this by curating safe spaces for women to connect with one another and through health and wellness services, community partnerships, evidence-based prevention strategies, advocacy, and health education. 

At Sow, we focus on improving the quality of life in women of color, including disease prevention and assistance with disease management. 

We offer women health and wellness coaching, nutrition support, cooking and fitness classes, and health education seminars. We also offer an exclusive network for women seeking a healthcare provider to meet their medical needs. Moreover, we create a space for women to connect, share their experiences, and help uplift others. 

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Community Love

Jasmine W.

"I have been very impressed by the health and wellness services that I have received from Shades of Wellness. My experience with SOW has been one of the best experiences of my life. The service, dedication, and commitment to assisting others with their health and wellness goals are unmatched. I have become more aware of my health and much more aware of the things that can be done to improve it. I have referred all of my friends and loved ones to SOW. If you are seeking a health/wellness coach, I highly recommend Shades of Wellness ."

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