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Marla MacRae, PT, DPT, MS



Dr. Marla J. MacRae, PT, DPT, MS is a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy who practices in the DC Metro area. Dr. MacRae works primarily as a pediatric physical therapist in one of the local school systems. She is passionate about children improving and strengthening their functional mobility so they can access their educational, home, and school environments as their same aged peers do. Dr. MacRae also works with adults with all diagnoses to help improve their level of function on a consultative basis.

Dr. MacRae received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from The George Washington University, Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology from Wake Forest University and Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Towson University. Her broad education and experience have led her to some of the most fulfilling moments in her life with the common denominator being educating our community on taking charge of one's own health by physical means. Throughout her educational and professional career, fitness and movement has always been the nucleus. She has always believed 'form follows function'. When you move, the body moves, and health moves.... just like that. In addition to being a physical therapist, she also creates and leads HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. When we realize we can take our health into our own hands and feet (with a little two step), the sky is the limit and longevity is our friend.

Education Background:

Undergrate - Towson University

Graduate - George Washington University

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